Coinevo Is Private

Coinevo is a privacy coin meaning that ownership of this coin belongs to you alone

Multiple View Keys

In Coinevo, People have the sole right to keep ones transaction history private and untraceable as well as being able to selectively choose to share their transactional data. This is so because Coinevo support it on their network through the use of the View-Key(viewkey).

Coinevo is fungible

Coinevo as a cryptocurrency has greater fungibility. This means that coinevo can interchanged with many individual cryptocurrency.

Easy to Mine

Coinevo does not use "Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC))" computers, You can mine Coinevo using ordinary laptops/computers

More Updates

Coinevo Hardfork

As we prepare for our unique Masternode evo, we will be undergoing a hardfork at block 49000, coinevo will move to version_14 called SUSIC-Evoconomy, the source will be made available. Among the new updates include:
- adjustment for all reward base and participates( Miner reward and EVOD control reward)
- Update sekreta
-Allow unrestricted rpc calls to get full txpool info
- fix print_net_stats RPC calls
- Allow wallet2.h to run in WebAssembly etc
Details will be communicated to all as well as when to download all the wallets