Coinevo is a privacy coin meaning that ownership of this coin belongs to you alone. Control of all coinevo transactions is your responsibility because its your own money. Transactions cannot be trace to anybody. Coinevo as a cryptocurrency has greater fungibility. This means that coinevo can interchanged with many individual cryptocurrency such as Monero, Bitcoin, Litecoin etc. In Coinevo, all data and transactions are private.

No single person will have the knowledge of who is transacting or who sent a particular data or transaction, this has removed any type of transactions or data trails. Coinevo is a totally fungible cryptocurrency like Monero, Loki, Wownero etc. Coinevo has great dynamic scalability. Like fungibility, Coinevo does not posses pre-set size limit. Coinevo mining algorithm is RandomEVO a fork of RandomX, the algorithm of monero which is not ASIC friendly. Coinevo mining is so user friendly allowing you with an average CPU to start mining right away.